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Transformational Retreats and workshops

Feeling Tired, Stressed, Burnt Out?

Relax! With our spa services which will leave you feeling pampered and rejuvenated. Massage not suitable? If you are sensitive to touch we have many more therapies available

Our work together will add practical knowledge to your own deep wisdom about how to consistently respect and care for yourself.

Not happy with the way you look these days?

Well then, let us give you a makeover!

Your confidence in your appearance will grow by leaps and bounds

as you work with Jo our own 'Colour with Style specialist'

reveal the REAL YOU and make your magnificent self look fabulous without breaking the bank!

Is your current career fulfilling your life's purpose? Have you lost your sense of self in your role as mother and wife?

Will the real 'you' please stand up!

Take charge of your thoughts and discover your true sense of self.

As you work creatively with negative thinking through the mediums of journaling, art and conversational reframing you will learn the art of being empathetic and compassionate with yourself

Finding your inner Goddess


Come with us on a journey into yourself, discover who you really are.

Finding your inner Goddess is for any women who wants more from life;

who wants to find their connection with themselves and fill the missing space and touch their core self.

It is also for those who simply want confirmation that the path they have chosen is the right one.

Take away with you the tips to tap into your wildly beautiful sexuality

and realise that the Goddess is always with you, brewing her magic in all of your delicious flavours.

Are you struggling to find your identity?

Do you find yourself beset by feelings of loss and disappointment? Does chronic tiredness shape how you structure your day?

Are you worried that the dreams you had as a younger woman will never be fulfilled?

On your retreat you will learn how environment, nutrition, and relationships contribute to the stressors that lead to stress and burnout, As you experience powerful transitions towards your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

We will not only help you to dust of those long lost dreams but work with you to create an action plan that will bring those dreams into a reality.

Do you feel that there is always someone wanting something from you?

Do you never take time away from the family?

Release, Relax, and Unwind,

that is the order of the day as you discover that nobody wants anything from you

all you have to do is just let yourself go...............

Do negative thoughts keep you tossing and turning at night?

We will show you how to take control of those negative thoughts, and we will also give you tips on how to deeply relax your mind and body so that you wake every morning feeling rested, energised and ready to go! ....

On our week long retreat you will discover how to deal with relationships…. with yourself, children, partners and parents,

How to make a difference on this planet

How to re-access your innate trust and courage

Find energy you never knew you had

Claim your personal power

Look at sexuality vs sensuality

How to honour, heal and forgive your past, empower your present and celebrate your future.

Rediscover your strengths, self worth, power, and your ability to receive,

and, return home with a renewed sense of self belief and emotional strength.

Take away with you a personalised action plan that fits you for that fabulous life you've always dreamt of

Allowing you to create the life you’ve always wanted!