Relationship Counselling Midhurst 

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Looking for Relationship Turnaround?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Are you still arguing over the same things over and over again?

Are the little things getting on your nerves?

Are you frustrated and fed up and at the lack of get up and go?

Then you need relationship turnaround

Relationship Counselling Midhurst

Find out how to shift awareness,  get new meaning, feel new feelings, 

Which gets a new response, and provides the space needed to get yourself a whole new relationship

I believe that you can have the power to create the change you want not only in your relationship with a man but in every aspect of your relationships in life. 

What’s holding you back from creating is how you perceive a lack of control in your life.

In this programme we are going to explore the gifts you already have as a Woman to create this change in your love life

It doesn’t matter if you are in a new relationship or have known each other for years, what I want is for you to have an exceptional relationship, in which case you have to be exceptional – all this takes courage, love, risk and skills

Imagine 2 x couples who love each other very much, it all starts out great but:

1 x couple grows apart, blaming, criticising, and only focusing about what is wrong in the relationship and life in general

1 x couple offers each other great support and comfort, they are always available for each other no matter how busy they are, the kids, the parents, work – none of that gets in the way of their relationship.

Both couples want the same outcome, a relationship that works, the difference is that it is the way you handle the conflict and misunderstanding to get to your desired outcome

You can’t change a relationship with the same way of being that led you to the problems you’re having in the first place.

To get a great relationship you need 3 x things:

1. Awareness of self/patterns

2. Hold to your best self

3. Commitment to action that serve the relationship over you

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