Every coaching session makes for an intensely personal and unique experience. But the basic set-up begins the same: with an initial conversation, for usually around 30 to 40 minutes.

There's no right or wrong reason to seek my support you can bring anything to the table.

Imagine what it would be like to have access to a Guided Map That Steps You Through All 8 Areas Essential For Your Complete Recovery From These Life-Debilitating, Fatigue Conditions.

Get The Crucial Support You Need To Permanently Get Your Life Back!

From that first session, we can work out a structured individual package of care It's up to you to make the call– always keep in mind that these coaching sessions are very much in the realm of 'you only get out what you put into them'.

What we are offering here is a Guided Map to your recovery. Our program takes 6 – 9 months minimum. I know if you are like I was, you will want your Life back NOW! I wish I had a magic wand! It is a step-by-step journey that will guide you through all 8 elements essential to recovery.

A session with a personal well-being coach like me is a perfect way to refresh your focus and help rebuild your internal foundations to make sure you can be the strong, competent person you've always been. There's nothing to lose – and so much you could gain. Get in touch today. Phone using Skype 0044 20 3287 9402 or message me @ contactcarole (midhurst)

here is just one of the comments from a chrysalis effect client

"I was dubious at first but it's saved my life!"

"This programme has made a difference that I'll not be able to put into words. When I was first diagnosed last year I was introduced to people that had been ill for years and were either convinced they could not recover or did not want to recover. I was dubious when I first signed up to Chrysalis but it's saved my life, I really thought there was no point carrying on but this programme has addressed the "whole of life". Without this approach goodness knows where I would be. "

~ Jo

Carole works with clients in UK, New Zealand and Australia

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Skype 0044 20 3287 9402 or message me @ contactcarole (midhurst)

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